Jordan Tour

We design and produce private, independent customised tours of Jordan and Petra tours which are tailor-made exactly to your Jordan trip specifications. Our tours can originate from Egypt, Israel, Aqaba or Amman, to allow you to discover Jordan's amazing sites including Petra.

We stand for Jordanian local knowledge, top of the line Jordan tourism services in Petra, Amman, Dead Sea at unbeatable value.

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Libya Tour

We hope that we will have the opportunity to serve you and your customers in the near future We are proud to introduce our services to those who are interested as tour operators to really help others fulfill their ambitions of hidden desire for adventure ,leisure discover the unknown live as a real child .

We directly take them to our selective sites, well planed by experienced staff sites which cares not only for the real beauty of the Libyan Sahara and Culture but lets them for life remember fantastic steps they made in this part of the world

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Egypt is a country with an immense cultural mix In every major city in Egypt you will find traditions that remain from the time of the Pharaohs and in other parts you will find pure tribal customs that were brought in by many invaders throughout the centuries. That contradiction and contrast between areas of Egypt when you compare it with other Middle Eastern countries is what makes Egypt seem advanced against some of the others. Yet here you will find that the customs and mentality tends to be full of warmth towards visitors and foreigners. I guess this could be the secret why Egypt is considered the most attractive country in the region for travellers. The pure nature of the local Egyptians when they are always there when you need help, or when they invite you into their houses when they hardly know you, or when they smile in your face, makes a visit to Egypt a wonderful and unforgettable experience.

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United Arab Emirates

Enjoy sightseeing tours and activities in The United Arab Emirates.
Visit Dubai, take a double decker bus tour, and much more. Book online and save or call us toll free for assistance with reservations, group tour bookings, and private charters.

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Republic of Yemen 

Yemen has several names in books of history; ancient geography called it, Arabia felix, or happy Arabia. In the old testament, thowra' the derivative name of yemen which means south is mentioned. It is said that Yemen is named after a person Called Aiman Bin Ya'rub Bin Qahtan. In the Arab heritage as well as for the Yemen' people, Yemen is derived from the Arabic word , al Yemen which means good and blessing, this name is synonymous with the old name, Arabia felix,

Other said Yemen was named so because it lies to the right of Alqaba, Arabs feel optimistic because the right side is a sign of good omen, some of the Yemeni people still use the word, Alsham to mean the left side, and the word, Yemen' to mean the south.

Now Yemen is named Republic of Yemen

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In the dusty desert land of Bahrain , finding some interesting tourist sights can be cumbersome as there are mysteries waiting to be uncovered in every nook and corner. It only depends on the tourist whether he wants to discover the true mystery of the Arab world on his own or take a guided tour . Tour operators can come in handy because the attractions of Bahrain are spread far and wide if one decides to take a tour around Bahrain. One will surely unearth some very unusual attractions of the Arab world on a tour to Bahrain .

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Lebanon is quite unique and unlike any other Middle Eastern country. With 250 kilometres of Mediterranean coastline, and two ranges of beautiful snowcapped mountains, it is strategically located at the crossroads of 3 continents.
Lebanon is the destination for any tourist seeking: breath-taking views of nature, majestic historical and archaeological sites, a mixed and a vibrant culture, and the best nighlife in the world, along with an exquisite cuisine and a unique experience all around.

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Kuwait tourism department has to put extra effort on Kuwait Attractions, Transportation to and from Kuwait, booking hotels in Kuwait and Kuwait Entertainment. Kuwait Tourism takes route to the various famous and remarkable landmarks in the country. Some of them historically significant and some known for their architectural beauty.

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Turkey, known also as Anatolia and Asia Minor, is considered a bridge between East and West, but you will find that the country is decidedly western oriented, modern and the people very hospitable. Turkey is the only secular and democratic Moslem country in the world and will become Europe's eastern frontier. The country has always welcomed people of many races and religions, and is a promoter of peace. When it comes to transportation, communication and hotel facilities you will see that Turkey offers high standards and comfort.

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